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Safety Matters. Everywhere. Every day.

Our firm of expertise has best defined “Safety” as the control of accidental loss involving injuries to people, damage to equipment, environmental contamination and loss of productivity and profit. APlus Actions can help you and your employees ensure best practices in safety compliance, so you can produce quality results for clients while reducing operating costs and incidents.

HSE&Q Advice & Planning

Aplus Actions provides a wide variety of services and advice for planning Health, Safety, Environment and Quality. Whether you’re a new, emerging or established company, we can offer plans, training and step-by-step plans that take you organically through your project and business life cycle.

Safety Assessments

A thorough and comprehensive safety assessment can identify the level of controls that exist in your workplace and from that evaluate your level of safety. A safety assessment is a process for identifying, quantifying, and controlling hazards and risks.It is a proactive process and an integral part of business.

A detailed Safety Assessment with remedial and accountable action plans will ensure the safe and reliable operation of your business and become a vital part of your company’s loss control management system. Aplus Actions can provide your company with its site specific safety assessment and facilitate your plan for success.

Safety Audits

Audits are performed to provide an overview of your health and safety programs as well as culture. They usually are conducted yearly and every three years if you already hold your COR certificate. Preparing for an audit can be stressful. We can show you how to prepare and build.

Safety & Training Manuals

Aplus Actions can build you manuals that fit your budget and needs as well as the specific and detailed requirements and positions. We also assist you with fine tuning your business processes to complement your new manuals. We offer updates as required and introduction of required legislation changes.

Project Safety Consults & Reporting

The team at APlus Actions can work with your project leads to review your site, plan, project and system to ensure your employees, clients and third party vendors are safe and secure. We can make regular or adhoc visits to ensure your teams and vendors are operating to regulatory requirements. You’ll receive a detailed report you can use to review with your teams.

COR & SECOR Development

Aplus Actions can prepare you for your COR and SECOR applications and perform your internal audits with a non-bias option. We specialize in training staff in this process so you own the knowledge.

Effective Claims Management

If you struggle with finding time to track the statistical performance of your safety program or you have challenges dealing with WCB, APlus Actions can design an effective reporting program that will increase your efficiency, reduce the stress and prepare your documents and questions. We give you an easy step-by-step program to guide you through and assist you with the monitoring of your incidents and claims.

Emergency Response Contingency Planning

An effective safety program requires emergency planning to identify possible and potential risks that may threaten your business. Comprehensive training is required for emergency response coordinators, emergency response teams and all employees. Our staff can prepare contingency plans and training to accommodate all emergencies pertaining to your business, both on and off of your site.

Loss and Cost Control Assessments

Effective loss control management includes the development of accountable standards within each department of your company. Aplus Actions can provide an operational strategy  to improve overall management that includes the desired control of accidents, process loss and quality. The reduction and control of loss is just as important as achieving sales and profit objectives.

Safety Program Budget & Forecasting

A safety plan is the biggest part to your project(s) and your budget. We know how cost can often dictate when and how you will implement safety training. Fortunately, we’ve got the expertise to guide you through alternatives and opportunities that may cost less than you think.

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