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Safety Reviews & Assessments

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We conduct honest and fair audits and assessments to identify any gaps to boost compliance with your company’s operational requirements as well provincial and federal safety and environmental regulations. Plus, we can help identify best practices to lower safety incidents, manage insurance rates and attract new business.

Programs, Manuals & Training

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APlus Actions can tailor our easy-to-use programs and workshops to update your current practices and standards, as well as assist in getting your COR and SECOR planning and training activated. Need a new or refreshed employee manual? And we guarantee our version actually be engaging to read and recall.

Dispute Resolution & Mediation

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If you have some projects that are stalled due to outstanding client or third-party payments or lawsuits, our certified experts take a fair approach to negotiating a decision that suits both parties. Then you get back to work building business and managing your good standing.

Change Management & Crisis Training

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Training for safety requires an understanding of how to implement new process changes seamlessly. Our Change specialists teaches your managers how to get faster adoption and reinforcement for new procedures and ERPs. We also offer workshops on crisis/incident/media management and business writing.

Let us help you put safety out front.

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