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In today’s environment the success of an organization is directly related to its capability to “learn”. Executives must learn totally new strategies, how to compete and collaborate globally and how to change and communicate the company culture. Employees must learn how to be more flexible and creative and how to continuously improve. There is a vital need for lifelong learning and effective training plays a big part in this work life drama.

TDG Surface Certified Training

Prepare your staff for TDG Surface performance with a hands-on review of regulations, schedules, documentation, dangerous goods classifications, permits and exemptions and how to respond in an emergency situation. Aplus Actions also covers containment, shipping documentation, placecarding and accidental releases.

COR and SECOR Training

Aplus Actions can train your staff to prepare for application for COR and SECOR and we can assist with internal audits of a non-bias option.


Aplus Actions can provide a customized and comprehensive training program based on a systematic review of each related trade, occupation and process.

Documentation and administration for training are an inherent necessity and in many cases a legislated requirement. Let our staff of Safety Professionals develop your customized training program and create your “go to” training manual that will provide a planned process that will prepare people to perform their jobs well.


After your staff has experienced training for onboarding or a new procedure, you can rely on us to provide a series of quizses for your employees test their knowledge and retention.

Our goal is to make procedures stick so they become second nature. Give your staff the incentive to learn with tests and rewards–which also creates a more cohesive team and better compliance.

Loss Control Leadership Training

Effective loss control management includes the development of accountable standards within each department of your company. Aplus can provide an operational strategy  to improve overall management that includes the desired control of accidents, process loss and quality. The reduction and control of loss is just as important as achieving sales and profit objectives.

Safety Program Development Training

Developing safety programs takes time and training. We can provide team training to prepare a plan with your staff so you know which steps to take and what is necessary to include. Aplus Actions can also create custom templates to use in-house and on-site, and we’ll review your budget to ensure you stay within your economic requirements.

Audit Preparation Training

Audits are performed to provide an over view of your health and safety programs and culture. These can be stressful when you are not prepared. Aplus Actions can walk you through the process and train your assessment team to plan for the various steps and requirements.

Records & Documents Management Training

With new safety programs, there is always a need to create new records management systems. This helps to track performance and accountability, especially in the case of litigation or injury. Aplus Actions can help you determine the best system and method by assessing your current processes, and recommending the most cost- and time-efficient methods.

Claims Management Program Training

Do you find yourself getting frustrated when it comes to tracking your safety program performance or processing WCB claims? The Aplus Actions team can train your staff to be ready for an audit, walking them through the process and building confidence and capability. This ends up saving you money because we leave you with the solution.

Behaviour Management Training

Understanding where gaps lie in your safety materials, training and inter-office business communications is the first step to streamlining your messaging. Getting to the heart of the culture of your teams and changing bad habits is what we do. We also assist managers and leads to understand cultural diversity and how to work with international staff and consultants.

Conflict Resolution Training (Team, Client, Vendor)

Conflict happens every day in the workplace, but handling it effectively is not so common. The Aplus Team will work with your managers and leads to determine the most efficient and personalized way to deal with conflict between staff, and we can train these individuals to work on resolution methods and incentives.

Environmental Risk Management & Communication Training

Aplus Actions has the expertise to assess the potential for environmental risk on current and future work sites. We’ve got over 40 years of experience in managing incidents and helping leads and HSE&Q trainers to recognize danger zones and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Crisis Communications & Media Relations Training

Even the smallest incident can get more press and social media hits than you imagine. Being prepared is key to maintaining your credibility with the public, your employees, clients, shareholders and the surrounding community. Our experts, one of them a former CBC and Calgary Herald reporter, will walk you through methods and scenarios so you know what to say, how to say it, and how to track and control your reputation online. Our Incident Training & Planning experts can also add extra knowledge with procedures and processes that efficiently address any situations.

Business Communications Writing Workshops

All too often, what is being said in a corporate or site setting may not be received the way it was intended. Missed cues, cultural diversity issues and lack of standards can lead to lost opportunities for tenders, applications, recruiting and shareholder funding. It can also be the recipe for accidents and mishaps due to misunderstanding. Aplus Actions can assist with a review of your current business and safety communications materials and offer updates, refreshes and training for management and staff on how to communicate more effectively to get the job done. We also offer time management training as well.

Change Management Workshops for Teams

Change is always happening in business, and if you are implementing a new enterprise resource plan, training system or procedures, communicating what is happening, when, and how will help create faster adoption and reinforcement. The expert trainers at Aplus Actions can walk your managers and staff through change, how it happens, how it can fail, and what you can do to make it stick. We also provide plans and coaching for your leads through the actual change process.

Incident Training, Investigation & Planning

The best plans for incidents are the ones you never have to use. In order to prevent an accident, injury, spill or fatality, the Aplus Actions team can review your current training modules, make recommendations and provide updated materials–then we can train your staff on the new processes, with the help of our change and safety experts.

Incident Investigation also plays a major part of every safety program. Our knowledge and expertise can prepare your organization to effectively manage accidents in a positive way that will ultimately prevent the occurrence from happening again.

Leadership Development Workshops

To be a true and great leader, training, flexibility and open communication are required. Aplus Actions can help your leads and management team hone their skills with workshops that maximize their current capabilities and nurture the potential for effective leadership. The result is a more trusted workforce, a more productive team and better reporting.

WHMIS (Global Harmony Systems)

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System is a legislated training requirement for all employers. Transition toward the new international Global Health System will soon be adopted by the Federal Government. Aplus can provide the required updated information and training in accordance with the new Global Harmony Systems requirements.

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