Facing Change as a Team

Change and Communications go hand in hand in the area of safety. To get your managers, leads, employees and vendors on side with your improvement plans, APlus Actions provides the experts and tools to make change engaging, strategic and effective.

Change Management Workshops

APlus Actions offers in-house workshops for executives, managers and leads to understand the art of change, its subtle and obvious requirements and benefits. At the end, your team will understand how to work with your stakeholder groups to create a change environment that will be more collaborative, compliant and respectful of your safety and operational programs.

Change Management & Communications Plans

When implementing change, it’s best to have a plan in place that carries your team through the process, with user-friendly messaging, tools and techniques. Our specialists provide customized solutions that fit your budget and timeline, plus we leave you with the solution. This empowers your managers and leads to carry the values of change through every initiative. Ask us about our Change Lite program.

Crisis Communications & Media Training

Safety incidents happen, and when those of a more serious nature occur, our team will be ready to assist. We’ve got over 27 years of experience in the media, knowing how to deliver the right messaging to maintain your brand integrity and trust in your stakeholders and community.

We’ll walk you through scenarios and coach your executive and safety team to be prepared for any incident that gets public attention. Plus, our incident operations training experts also give you the advantage of on-the-spot guidance in how to handle hazardous material situations.

Cultural Diversity Communications Training

With an expanding international workforce, missed messaging and misunderstandings can lead to accidents and issues in the field. APlus Actions is here to help you determine and tackle the vulnerable aspects of safety and operations training. We create workshops, programs, guides, cheat sheets, questionnaires and follow-up training to ensure that everyone is on the same page with respect to your business goals.

Business Communications Training

The more sophisticated your company grows, the more your clients will expect you to deliver stellar communications. Our team has extensive experience in providing training for your staff as well as creating customized communications procedures, processes and materials that get the message across professionally to all your stakeholders. Plus, we’ll make sure your staff is speaking the same language when addressing current and potential clients  in the field and offsite.

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