You want your business to operate at its peak performance.

APlus Actions Ltd. can help you and your employees be at your best so that you can provide quality results for clients while reducing costs and incidents.

We are an Alberta-based consulting company providing certified services in four vital areas that grow a healthy business environment and maintain strategic partnerships. Collectively, we bring over 75 years of practical experience in safety, training, communications and change management for a variety of industry clients including oil and gas, construction, government, health care and manufacturing.

Our mission is to improve the performance of our client’s  business and the quality of life of their employees and clients through effective, thoughtful planning, customized training and expert advice.

No matter where you are located in Canada, we can assist your teams in putting their best practice foot forward.

Our Operating Principles


Caring for the Person – Business can’t run without humans, and they depend on us to help them practice safety and security in order to perform to their optimum and return to their families every night. We’re dedicated to ensuring your staff is confident in their daily practices and ultimately inspire their leads and team members to do the same. 

Ethics and Fairness – APlus Actions is bound by our personal values and professional affiliations to practise ethical behaviour every moment. That means we won’t look the other way or overcharge you for our work. We are driven by  honesty and integrity–putting your goals first, with an objective and respectful point of view.

Respect for Cultural Diversity – We know that identifying special cultural requirements during training will make a huge difference in your incident rates. Our qualified training instructors take the time to plan for the particular needs of your varied staff and their backgrounds so nothing gets missed or misconstrued.

Environmental Responsibility – It’s our goal to ensure that best practices go beyond putting on a hard hat or operating equipment properly. It also includes training your teams to respect the value of leaving a light footprint on the land and keeping workers and surrounding community safe from harm.

Why choose us


We Listen.

Building trust is imperative to effective safety training. We take the time to review what really matters to you and your staff, and work closely to match your operational safety goals and objectives.


We go Step-by-Step.

Assessments, audits, planning and change take time. We go through a pace that works for you, ensuring full understanding before moving on to the next level.


We’re Affordable.

If you think safety and change training, manuals and assessments are too expensive, think again. APlus Actions can implement services according to your budget and time frame.


We’re Proven.

Our reputation is built on truly caring about your team and success. We’ve proven ourselves in the field managing training and compliance in some of the most challenging of projects and teams.

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