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Safety Training

Training sticks with strong communication and leadership. Most employees only trust their immediate supervisor and the company’s president. We help you recognize strengths and opportunities to ‘walk the talk’ with employees, contractors and clients. This boosts morale, compliance and credibility with future business, investors, government and future hires. READ MORE

Programs & Manuals

APlus Actions believes there is more than one way to train employees in safety. We bring real-world training right on site–with better buy-in. The payoff is you get your staff and company certified faster and performing better. Our engaging, no-nonsense, easy-to-use manuals are available in hard copy or e-format too. Need help with your COR? We’ve got that covered too. READ MORE

Mediation Services

Disputes hold up valuable projects and profit–that’s a no brainer. Finding a way to get all parties to the table can be a challenge, but not impossible with the Aplus team. Our certified representatives can kick start a conversation that brings about a fair and mutually beneficial solution. This cuts your ongoing costs, puts you back in control, and gets production and revenue back on track. READ MORE

Managing Change

Change is a reality in business every day. Resistance to change can stall your progress and cost you downtime. Most owners and managers don’t have the time or patience to babysit workers through change. Our easy, in-house change management workshops, communications tools and training can help all staff adopt and practice new changes faster with less resistance. READ MORE

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Who do we help?


Owners & Managers

With extensive experience in key industries, we specialize in preparing plans and training for executive management, teams and project leads for compliance in health, safety, environment and quality. You get fast, efficient outcomes, reduced incidents drop and higher productivity.


Production Facilities

Whether you run a printing shop, manufacturing plant, warehouse, car wash or specialty service company, APlus Actions advises and trains your leads and their teams with engaging methods, procedures and practices to help keep them safe, productive and incident-free.


Agriculture Producers

Practicing safety in farm production is essential for creating a credible work environment. We delivers easy-to-use, accessible materials to train family members and contract workers right where they work, which makes your practices and procedures more applicable and effective.

What Services Do You Need?

  • HSE & Q Advice & Planning
  • Safety Manuals & Audits
  • Procedures, Practices and Policies
  • Project Safety Consults & Reporting
  • COR & SECOR Development
  • On-site Training & Workshops
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Mediation & Arbitration
  • Change & Leadership Training
  • Crisis Incident / Media Training
  • Communications Workshops


What our clients say…

  • Rebecca is a good safety officer. She does a thorough job--ensuring paperwork gets done and works with you on a personal level to make sure you are well taken care of. You should give Rebecca a call because she'll make sure you're 100% covered.

    Dean N. Superintendent, Construction
  • Rebecca is extremely professional and very caring. She is concerned about safety and is always happy to help us out. If we have a question, she will go out of her way to find an answer and a solution. She will also take the time to help us fill out third party forms. Her office door is always open, which is much more welcome in this industry. I have seen her get training for staff on a minimal budget to make sure everyone is safe on site.

    Christina Blanchard Elite Formwork Inc.
  • I have done business with Rebecca for three years now. Through those three years, she has personally taught me many aspects of the safety and construction world. Rebecca is extremely knowledgeable and is happy to guide you through any questions or ┬áissues that arise and help find the right solution. I recommend Rebecca and APlus Actions to everyone because I know they will encounter great customer service and everlasting knowledge.

    Crystal Wood Hazmasters Inc. Calgary

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